Youth Ministry Retreat

This experience is meant to provide personal, professional, and spiritual development to youth ministry leaders in our Diocese.

We will pray together, learn together, and laugh together! We are working to bring national youth ministry leader Robert Feduccia to facilitate the retreat.

There will be time for personal prayer and devotion and time to pray together. And, of course, we will share fellowship together over meals, free time, and soaking.


Who should participate? Anyone who is responsible for coordinating or facilitating youth ministry and/or other related activities, especially middle and high school youth (grades 6-12), is highly encouraged to participate. The retreat will focus mostly on ministering to and forming disciples of young adolescent teenagers (ages, roughly, 12-18).

Certainly, any Youth Minister in our Diocese is strongly encouraged to attend. We understand that there is a great deal of diversity in our parishes in regards to who is considered a “Youth Minister.” Some are full-time, paid professionals who are on the parish staff, while other communities are served by a part-time volunteer. Still, there are others who fall somewhere between or who wear so many different hats in a parish and youth ministry is only a part of their responsibilities. We welcome all.

In short, if you work with or are responsible for the faith formation of young people in your parish, then you will benefit from attending this retreat!

There is value simply in us gathering together as a community of youth ministry laborers. Furthermore, you will have the chance to learn from a well-renown expert in the field of youth ministry, have an opportunity to grow in your own relationship with Jesus Christ, and, at the least, have a chance to soak in the pools of one of Montana’s best full-service resorts.

Pertinent Details:

When: Friday, January 7 at 6pm to Saturday, January 8 at 4pm

Where: Fairmont Hot Springs

Cost: $125 per person, includes hotel & food

What: Retreat, Professional Development, & Networking Opportunity

Questions: Contact Kevin Molm in the Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry at or 406.389.7055