Diocese of Helena

Outstanding Youth Award

On the occasion of the Diocese of Helena Catholic Youth Coalition Convention, the “Outstanding Youth Award” will be presented to two outstanding youth (one male and one female) from the Diocese of Helena.

Each winner will receive a $500 award, courtesy of our sponsors the Foundation for the Diocese of Helena. All nominees will be recognized on Sunday morning of the CYC Convention.

All nominations must be RECEIVED by March 9, 2020.

The Outstanding Youth Award is based on three criteria: Christian discipleship, service, and leadership.

Nominees should be active, at minimum, in their local parish activities (e.g. parish youth group). Other areas of life where nominees should be actively living out these three values may include the following: deanery or diocesan activities, school activities, athletics, work, community organizations, etc.

The requirements and award criteria are as follows:


  1. The candidate must be a Senior in high school.
  2. He or she must be from the Diocese of Helena and be in good standing in their parish, community, and school.
  3. He or she should be regularly present at both liturgy and the parish faith formation programs.
  4. Award winners will be selected based on three criteria: Christian discipleship, service and leadership.

To nominate a youth for the award, a youth minister and/or pastor from the youth’s parish faith community should:

  1. Submit completed Outstanding Youth Award Application Form and supporting documents to OYYAM. Each parish may nominate one youth per gender.
  2. The nominee’s Youth Minister, Director of Religious Education or other adult who is responsible for youth minister in the nominee’s parish must submit a written endorsement (300-500 words) that describes the nominee’s commitment to Christian discipleship, service, and leadership.
  3. The nominee must submit a written statement (300-500 words) that answers the following question:What does “Christian Discipleship, Service, and Leadership” mean to you and how have you lived out these principles?
  4. Submit “Pastor Endorsement” form, which must be completed by nominee’s Pastor or Pastoral Administrator.
  5. Optional: In addition to the endorsement from the youth minister, the nominee may submit up to two letters of recommendation that describe the nominee’s commitment to Christian discipleship, service, and leadership. These may be from teachers, employers, members of the parish, etc. (Please submit NO MORE THAN TWO.)


Final decisions will be made by the Outstanding Youth Award Committee, an ad hoc group of individuals in our Diocese organized by the Manager of the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry.  Only completed applications with all required supporting documents will be considered. Nominees may be contacted by phone for more information.

Please direct questions about the award to Kevin Molm at (406) 442 – 5820 or kmolm@diocesehelena.org.




In extenuating circumstances, applications may be sent by mail to the address below. All materials must be RECEIVED by March 9, 2020:

Diocese of Helena
Attn: OYYAM – Outstanding Youth Award
PO Box 1729
Helena, MT 59624

(Click here to download a .pdf of the application)