National Catholic Youth Conference

November 18-20, 2021
Indianapolis, IN

In a distinctly Catholic setting, the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) invites participants to encounter Christ, experience Church, and be empowered for discipleship.

2021 Theme: Ablaze – Enciende El Fuego

The second chapter of the book of Acts tells about the coming of the Holy Spirit. At NCYC 2021, we will call upon the Holy Spirit to descend upon our young Church and set them Ablaze for the Lord!

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Group leaders should read and know this! It includes fund raising help, registration forms, and more.

Tri-Fold Flyer:

Print and hand this out to your youth/families. This has all of the pertinent information in a brief format.

Planning during a pandemic…

We’re doing our best to live up to Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 7:24 to build on something solid. Nevertheless, planning a pilgrimage during a pandemic is like building on sand that is constantly shifting, and we must be adaptable and focused on our mission to accompany young people on this spiritual journey where they can encounter Jesus and His Church in a profound way.

Here are a few important guiding principles as we work towards this event over the next year:

  • Stay Informed: First and foremost, make sure to stay in communication with your local “Parish Leader” – the Youth Minister or other designated adult who will be leading your local group. If you are the Parish Leader, please be pro-active in communication with both OYYAM and your people. OYYAM will host periodic conference calls/meetings. Updates and resources will be available here:
  • Refunds, Cancellations, etc.
    • Our guiding principal is to fully refund your fees, minus our own expenses. We are not here to make money on this trip, but we cannot operate in the red either. Therefore, we will work with you as much as we can to refund whatever money we can. When you register, you also assume some risk that you may lose some or all of your fees. Deadlines are important! Prices go up when we don’t meet deadlines, and there are cancellation fees and other administrative expenses associated with registering/cancelling. We will pass along those associated fees to individuals, including if NCYC is canceled due to reasons outside of our own control (e.g. Covid-19).
  • Health Guidelines
    • All Diocese of Helena NCYC participants will be expected to follow all guidelines that are in place at the time of NCYC. This includes those of the Diocese of Helena and other relevant agencies/entities, such as the Center for Disease Control, Federal Aviation Administration, the State of Indiana, NFCYM, Indianapolis Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium, etc. If you are unwilling to follow the guidelines, then you will not be allowed to participate in NCYC as a member of our delegation.

Quick Notes:


  • June 20, 2021: Initial Registration & First Deposit Due ($300)
  • September 13, 2021: Final Registration Forms & Second Deposit Due ($325)

Costs Per Person:

  • Registration Fees: $625
  • Travel Costs: $625
  • Total: $1,250

Costs are broken into two different categories: 1) Registration; and 2) Travel. Registration fees will be paid directly to the Diocese of Helena, and your travel costs will be paid out-of-pocket and/or directly to your parish. Here is a breakdown of what is included and a few other notes:

Registration Fees Include ($625):

  • 4 nights in a hotel (4 people per room; check-in Wednesday, November 17, check-out Sunday, November 21)
  • Conference registration fee
  • 1 meal per day, plus snacks
  • NCYC apparel, pilgrimage supplies, & admin fees

Travel Costs (estimated $625):

The travel costs will vary from parish to parish, because your travel will be coordinated by your parish group leader and will depend on your flight itinerary, choice of ground transportation to/from airport/hotel, etc. Individuals should also plan for out-of-pocket expenses associated with travel and participation in a conference, including food, gratuity, souvenirs, etc. We suggest the following estimates per person:

  • Flight: $450
  • Ground Transportation: $20
  • Food: $125 ($25 per day)
  • Misc.: $30