Our mission is to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with young people.

The formation of young people through this ministry – the Catholic Youth Coalition Board – is crucially important during this time of pandemic. How we operate and what we do this year will certainly look different than past years.

In short, we don’t know exactly how the work of the Board will be conducted this year. We know only that the mission and its importance is the same.

We appreciate your flexibility and steadfastness as we navigate the changing realities presented to us.

We promise to communicate to you often and immediately when new information becomes available or plans change. Stay connected and informed, especially with your local youth minister.

The Plan as of August:

-Meeting 1 – Sunday, August 23 from 2-4pm: We will host 6 different meetings at the same time in 6 different locations (one in each deanery). Young people will attend the meeting in their deanery, providing the opportunity for some in-person interaction and formation with some connection as a Diocese through video conference, all while being able to follow appropriate health guidelines and directives (e.g. less than 50 people; wearing a mask; providing social distancing; etc.).


1) Bozeman Deanery: Resurrection Parish (Bozeman)
2) Butte Deanery: Immaculate Conception Parish (Deer Lodge)
3) Conrad Deanery: St. Joseph Parish (Choteau)
4) Helena Deanery: Our Lady of the Valley Parish (Helena)
5) Kalispell Deanery: TBD
6) Missoula Deanery: Christ the King Parish (Missoula)

-Meeting 2 – October 9-11: We will not be meeting in Helena for our usual over-night meeting. We are looking at several options, including following a format similar to our first meeting where there would be multiple locations meeting at the same time.

-Meeting 3 – December 4-5: Meeting in Missoula as planned, with accommodations made for whatever guidelines and directives are in effect at that time. Again, if/when decisions or changes are made, we will communicate to you immediately.

-Meeting 4 – Feb. 28-March 1: Meeting in Butte as planned, with accommodations made for whatever guidelines and directives are in effect at that time. Again, if/when decisions or changes are made, we will communicate to you immediately.

-CYC Convention – March 27-29 – We are planning to have Convention at Carroll College, with appropriate adaptations for whatever guidelines and directives are in effect at that time.

CYC Board Registration:

Step 1:
Read the CYC Board Handbook (See Above); talk to your local youth minister*

Step 2:
Submit online registration



*If you don’t have a youth minister, talk to your pastor. Active participation in the local parish is crucial to the faith development of youth. Parishes that choose to support their youth’s participation in CYC Board are expected to coordinate appropriate chaperone(s) that meet Diocese of Helena Safe Environment Policies, which is usually the parish youth minister. If your parish does not have a youth minister, then you are strongly encouraged to communicate with your pastor and work together to find an adult(s) who is willing to serve as a chaperone and your connection to the local parish.

Catholic Youth Coalition Board 2019-2020 Handbook



Plan to arrive 5:30-6:30pm. Meetings will end by 11am on Sundays.

All CYC Board Members are expected to participate in the entire meeting, including staying overnight at the designated facility. Late arrivals and early departures are strongly discouraged; exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances if you coordinate in advance with your Youth Minister/Adult Chaperone.

Meeting 5 is a one-night (plus Friday), preparation meeting. We will gather for dinner on Thursday, then spend the rest of Thursday and Friday setting up for Convention. Once Convention begins, Board youth are expected to join their respective parish youth group for the rest of the weekend.

CYC Board members are responsible for their transportation to and from meetings/events. Youth may not drive themselves or other youth. Coordinate with your Youth Minister/Adult Chaperone.

All CYC Board members should bring with them their journal and Bible, as well as the usual overnight necessities: sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow, towel, toiletries, change of clothes, etc.

All meals are provided at a Board meeting; however, healthy snacks are always welcome.

Catholic Youth Coalition Board (CYCB) Defined:

A board of youth from parishes all over the Diocese of Helena willing to engage in the active planning and participation of all Diocesan Youth Ministry endeavors. CYCB is for youth looking for a creative outlet in youth ministry. Youth interested in being a part of the CYCB must be aware of its five weekend (including CYC Convention) time commitment and the immense diversity within the community. All youth are welcome. Only the youth capable of attending at least four of the five gatherings (including CYC Convention) will be allowed to participate at CYC Convention as a CYCB member with all of their multiple responsibilities, which include but are not limited to: prayer movement, stage presence, prayer team, hospitality team, breakout team, etc.

To join the Catholic Youth Coalition Board, youth must have been involved in their parish youth ministry program and registered with the OYYAM. Contact Kevin Molm at kmolm@diocesehelena.org (Mobile/Text 406-207-1660) for more details.

Leadership Camp, Discernment, and the makeup of the CYC Board

During your participation in Leadership Camp, youth will be presented with several different opportunities to enter into discernment for leadership positions within the Catholic Youth Coalition (CYC). Everyone is called to serve in some manner, be it serving the CYC as a CYC Board Officer, or serving your local parish as a Eucharistic minister. The ways to serve are numerous and varied. During this week, we will guide you through a process to help you discern if you are called to serve the CYC on a local or Diocesan level. To help us with this process, we ask that you open yourself to this process before you come to Leadership Camp. The materials below might be of some help.

Discern: To detect with other senses than vision; to come to know or recognize mentally.

During Leadership Camp, we will engage in a discernment process to name or “call forth” CYC Officers for the upcoming year from among those members present at the camp. Discernment is not an election. It is not a popularity contest.

Discernment is a long-honored part of our Catholic tradition. From the time of the first Apostles and Disciples, trying to figure out what God wanted has been important when calling forth leaders.

Discernment means to pray for God’s guidance and direction. Our Bishops use this process to select leadership at the national as well as the regional levels. Discernment means we want to be guided by the Holy Spirit in our task.

In this process, we can do nothing to get ourselves elected. It is the Holy Spirit working within each one of us that will “elect” our new leadership.

We make up the Church. All of us here are “God’s People.” When we are discerned as leaders for the CYC, we are empowered to act and speak for the Coalition, and to choose a President and three Vice Presidents from among this group to lead the CYC Board in the coming year. We pray that God will work through us, will speak through us to “call forth” this new leadership.

Discernment isn’t about whether we want to do something, or whether or not something is convenient for us. Discernment is about opening ourselves up to surrender to God’s will in our lives, whether we are being called to an officer position or called to use our gifts elsewhere. As Mary said: “Be it done unto me according to your will.”

In preparation for the discernment process that will take place during Leadership Camp, we ask that you take some time before the camp to go through the following steps:

Step 1: Consider the Job Description: All youth participating in Leadership Camp  (and all youth participating in their Parish Youth Programs) are invited to be a part of the CYC Board for the upcoming year. The CYC Board will assist with Junior High Rallies (throughout the diocese), create prayer experiences for teens, advise the Diocesan Youth and Young Adult Ministry Manager, and help coordinate the CYC Convention in the spring of the upcoming year. They will meet five times throughout the year (including CYC Convention) in the various deaneries of the Diocese of Helena.

The board will be led by four officers. Their job descriptions include but are not limited to:



  • Serve on the CYC Board for appropriate term
  • Preside over board meetings, group meetings and events
  • Oversee CYCB Officer Team
  • Attend Northwest Youth Advisory Meetings
  • Attend and assist with all CYC events
  • Reports to the CYCB Advisor (Doug Tooke)

Vice President of Marketing: 

  • Serve on the CYCB for appropriate term
  • Oversee the CYCB Marketing Committee
  • Responsible for all marketing efforts of CYC
  • Attend and assist with all CYC events
  • Reports to the CYCB President

Vice President of Communications: 

  • Serve on the CYCB for appropriate term
  • Oversee the CYCB Communications Committee
  • Responsible for all communication efforts of CYC
  • Responsible for content suggestions for the CYC Website
  • Responsible for meeting minutes, meeting notices and attendance
  • Responsible for putting together a CYC annual report
  • Attend and assist with all CYC events
  • Reports to the CYCB President

Vice President of Operations: 

  • Serve on the CYCB for appropriate term
  • Takes the place of the President if he/she is unavailable for a meeting or event
  • Oversee the CYCB Operations Committee
  • Responsible for securing meeting locations and hospitality
  • Responsible for meeting agendas and equipment resourcing for committees
  • Attend and assist with all CYC events
  • Reports to the CYCB President
Step 2: Open yourself to the process of discernment through prayer

Discernment is openness to the voice of God – openness to the movement of the Spirit. In the process of discernment we listen to hear God’s call in our lives, the inner voice of God. We don’t begin by saying, “I can’t do that,” “I have no time,” “I don’t have what it takes,” and “it’s not for me.” We are honest about our capabilities and limitations, and, at the same time, we withhold judgment and remain open to ask God if this is where we are being called. Quietly, reflectively we ask, “God, are you calling me to this work? Is this where you are calling me to serve?”

Step 3: Honestly evaluate your strengths and liabilities, and the status of your life right now.

The following questions should be prayerfully considered prior to the discernment process. You may want to consider having a youth minister or other spiritual guide help you sort out your responses.

  • Do I understand the job description of the CYC Officer positions? (If not, find some way to help yourself better understand…e-mail Kevin Molm at kmolm@diocesehelena.org or speak with your youth minister).
  • What gifts would I bring to the CYC Board? Have these gifts been tested in my personal history?
  • What resources would I bring to the CYC Board? Do I have a support system and are there local people to help me?
  • What is the quality of my life right now? Can I add this to my life without other elements in my life suffering greatly?
  • What adjustments would I need to make if I assume this office? How would this impact the people around me?
  • How beneficial would it be for the CYC Board if I were to assume a leadership position?
  • How beneficial would it be for me if I were to assume a leadership position on the CYC Board?
  • In light of the benefits and sacrifices that would come my way by assuming this office, does it appear that I might be a candidate for a leadership position within the CYC? If so, to which position(s) do I feel called? Am I at peace with how I have answered this question?
Step 4: Consider your friends and fellow students who are also attending the CYC Leadership Camp.

Do you feel that any of them are called to leadership in the CYC? What gifts might they have to offer? If you know someone you feel is being called to leadership, speak with them, let them know how you feel and why.

Step 5: Pray and reflect about leadership in the Catholic Youth Coalition

Do this for you personally and for others that you know. Ask for God’s guidance in the discernment process.