About Us

With over 30 years of youth and young adult ministry tradition, we are a source of vision and service! The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry at the Diocese of Helena seeks to help guide and ignite the young Catholic Church in the eternal journey of faith formation.


Basic Responsibilities of the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry:

The Diocese of Helena Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry is the agent of the Bishop responsible for ministry efforts related to youth and young adults. The OYYAM fosters a comprehensive approach to these ministries that recognizes the cultural, developmental, and spiritual diversity among adolescent Catholics.

“Servant of the Vision”:

The OYYAM advocates for and provides training and resources for the development of a comprehensive vision of youth and young adult ministry in parish, school, and community settings. Adolescent catechesis, which in our diocese includes the preparation and celebration of Confirmation, is a precious element of our tasks as well.

Parish Support:

The OYYAM provides support for parishes wanting to develop their youth ministry program. Support takes the form of consultations, providing resources, team training, networking parishes in a deanery, and providing assistance in hiring Youth Ministers.

Leader Training:

The OYYAM provides a variety of training opportunities for adult and youth leaders. Training includes partnering with diocesan ministry formation progams, specific workshops on youth & young adult ministry skills and isues, as well as certification processes and appropriate leadership formation for young people.

Diocesan Gatherings:

The OYYAM provides opportunities for young people to experience the diocesan church. Such gatherings include youth & young adult conferences, rallies, pilgrimages, and retreats as well as justice and service projects.

Liasons and Networks:

The OYYAM networks with youth-serving organizations: e.g. high school campus ministry, college campus ministry, Catholic Scouting, athletic programs, etc. The OYYAM resources outdoor/camping ministry (Legendary Lodge), young adult ministry and all Catholic Youth Coalition activities.

The OYYAM networks with appropriate diocesan offices; e.g. Catholic Formation, Catholic Schools, Communications, Pastoral Outreach, Development, Catholic Social Services, etc.

The OYYAM also participates at the regional and national levels through programs and services of organizations such as the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, where we network with our colleagues and actively contribute to shaping the direction of youth ministry.